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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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several parts of the bay area today. --and we're tracking another round for tomorrow. ==terry/2-shot== the news at 11 starts now. joining us. and thks fo i'm terry mcsweeney. light rain in the area and we are tracking another round tomorrow. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> it's been a while but rain returned today this bay area. we will show you what it looked like earlier today this this video. this is in vallejo. the rain coming down here. most places in the north bay and some in the east bay did see a bit of rain today. >> we are seeing the first snow. i said snow of the season. check out the video on instagram. it shows snowflakes falling at kirk wood ski resort near lake tahoe. anthony slaughter is joining us for a look at what we can expect
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tomorrow. >> we saw the showers come through across the north bay and fizzled out over the east bay. a trace of rainfall across san jose. here's a recap of the rainfall. napa 3/10 of an inch. santa rosa 1500th there. concord a tenth of an inch of rainfall and brentwood 600 of an inch. lighter amounts, not much. enough to get the grund wet. tomorrow morning start off dry around 9:30 in the morning. we will see showers in the north bay. showers will stay put until lunchtime and then they will spread in to san francisco, down the peninsula and we will see some showers across the east and south bay for your evening commute. we will talk about how much rainfall we could see from the next round of rain coming up. plus, a look at temperatures ahead, we will see temperatures in the 80s as we head to the first week of october, kind of wild after just seeing the rain. back to you. just seeing the snow video.
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the rain could have played a role in this deadly car crash this afternoon. chp tells us the accident happened just before 1:00 as a light rain was beginning to fall. a woman driving on highway 4, west of martinez, took the turn at 50 miles an hour and lost control of this car. >> came around the curve here. lost control. hit the center median and then bounced off. started to lose control, fishtailing and spun around and hit a tree on the right shoulder. >> the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. so far she's not been identified. chp is reminding drivers to be extra careful as the rainy season begins when it hasn't railed in a while roads become slick. a family left devastated after a hit and run crash in the south bay. the search is on for the driver who struck a man in san jose. it happened 1:30 this morning. investigators say 28-year-old
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michael varella was found dead at the scene. his grandmother is urging the driver to come forward. >> please come forward and tell me what happened. >> this is now the 30th deadly crash in san jose this year. concord police are investigating a shooting outside of their own police department. take a look at this. dispatchers found bullet holes in their building. now they want to know who's responsible. nbc bay area christie smith is live in concord tonight. brazen for someone to take aim at a police department. >> that's right. concord police are calling it brazen and dangerous. fortunately no one was hurt. what they are trying to figure out tonight is who did it, what the motive was and whether the police department was the actual target. >> that's it, right there. >> concord police point out two bullet holes outside of their
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police department. one here. >> this is a very brazen act. >> the other on a column near the front door. >> we are looking in to whether the concord police department was the target or whether this happened to be somebody in a vehicle driving by shooting another person or vehicle. >> reporter: at this point they do not believe it is tied to anti-police sentiment in other part of the country. dispatched received calls of gun fire and heard noise outside. this is police dispatch audio. >> we just heard gunshot bangs out in front and now we are getting reports of shots fired at the pd. unknown what is going on but we are getting multiple calls of it. >> officers in the building said that sounds like gunshots an then they came out. >> there were reports the car sped off. today investigators continue to look for evidence. the building has cameras. police are checking it and neighboring businesses to see what was captured.
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>> we were down the street, walking home. >> what did you hear? >> a couple of shots, couple gunshots. >> reporter: he said he just left a nearby market where he helps out. >> pretty concerning because we're right next to the police station. >> i think of my ten years a the police department, i can't remember anyone shooting at the police department. >> reporter: concord police say there isn't any suspect information to give out but that may change once they take a look at the surveillance tapes. reporting live in concord, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. despite serious damage to their church, it looks like nothing is stopping an east bacon gre gags. members of the first congregational church of berkeley held their services at the church across the street. on friday a huge fire ripped through their building causing severe damage to the roof and second floor. but the congregation said it is grateful for the help they received from their community.
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>> they have been wonderful neighbors to us. i believe we will be here next sunday again. we are in conversation with a number of organizations for more semi permanent space while we are out of our own sanctuary and building. >> reporter: right now arson investigators say they are investigating, but at this point they don't think it is arson. lawn after lawn destroyed. you are looking at damage done by wild pigs in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. homeowners say there's little they can do to keep the animals away. maryann favro is joining us with the story. marianne, you mentioned the pigs come out at 9:00 or 10:00 at night. you were out there. did you see any? >> i did not see any but heard them. i spoke to a man who lives a few doors from here and he said he just chased off a bunch from his front lawn a few minutes ago. look at this. look at what the wild pigs did
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to this lawn. they demolished it. those pigs have destroyed more than 15 other lawns in this neighborhood. >> they came in and this is where i saw a huge pack of them. as you can see,er they are incredibly effective at just ripping up the sod. >> reporter: rod says this is the destruction the wild pigs left behind. he said now he will have to replace his entire front lawn. >> this is how it normally looks and they just get underneath it and rip it right out of the ground. >> some of the pigs weighed more than 100 pounds. they come in search of, well, good grub. rod is not alone. wild pigs have plagued other san jose neighborhoods for years. >> bit more successful. >> reporter: his 10-year-old daughter katie built two fairy houses in the front yard. she is so worried about the pigs she put up a warning. >> i put up a sign just in case the fairies do come and they
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just want to stay. they will know not to come during the night because the pigs might come. >> we woke up last sunday morning. >> reporter: kevin lives up the street. his front lawn looks like a war zone. the pigs even took out his plants. >> handle a patch here and there. wouldn't be that bad but the entire lawn gone is frustrating. >> there's ranch land for many miles. >> reporter: rod believes they came from the ranch land across the street. he said ten years ago he had a similar problem but it stopped after neighbors got together to secure a fence. rod even put up this device that shines a red light, simulating a pig predator. he hopes it will be enough to keep the hungry grub hunters away. this has been such a constant problem in san jose. last year, the city council approved a measure that allows people to shoot and kill wild pigs if they are in fact ripping up their lawn. by the way, i talked to neighbors out here who plan to replace their lawn and they
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believe it will cost them thousands of dollars. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc news. firefighters continue to make progress against a wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the fire is 71% contained. 1300 firefighters are working on the loma fire. most evacuations were lifted yesterday. new at 11:00, a statue of gandhi at the center of a rally protest today. [ chanting ] >> protesters interrupted the unveiling ceremony at a park in davis. the statue was a gift from the indian government. the indian consul general from san francisco is one of several speakers who was harassed. protesters sagan di was a man with a history of racism and
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abuse. they say they installed the statue because of his statue of nonviolence. coming up tonight at 11:00, the wife of robin williams opens up about her husband's rare brain disease he was suffering from. what she is hoping to achieve by talking about this private man in terms of sharing her story. donald trump at the center of criticism over his tax returns. how his campaign is working to spin this in his favor. kanye west leaving his concert in the middle of performing a song. the reason, his wife kim kardashian held at gun point in her hotel room. details coming up. good evening. i'm meteorologist anthony 14r5u9er. tracking the next round of rain. clouds are filtering back in. we will have details on the monday forecast and a warmup heading our waif as we get to the first full week of october. more after that. this /* t. . u. . i. name is steve dunwoody, a s.eran. will help all californ lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. vets" in voting yes on prop 61. am an iraq veteran. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. vets" in voting yes on prop 61.=
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the trump campaignn dagerop 61.= control after a bombshell tax revelation. a source gave trump's 1995 tax . the trump campaign on damage control after a bombshell tax revelation. a source gave trump's 1995 tax
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documents to the "new york times." they published them. it shows that donald trump declared a loss of a billion dollars in 1995, an amount that could allow him to pay zero federal income taxes for 18 years. meanwhile, hillary clinton made a stop in charlotte today, two weeks after another police shooting led to a widespread riots there. jennifer johnson has the latest now from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton talking solutions to gun violence in charlotte, north carolina. nearly two weeks after police killed keith lamont scott, which led to nights of rioting. >> we can call for reforms to policing, while still appreciating the many courageous and admirable officers out there. >> thank you. >> donald trump's team is on spin control after a "new york times" article on the candidate's 1995 tax return. showing an almost $916 million loss. so big he could have legally avoided paying taxes for 18 years. >> the reality is he is a genius. what he did is he took advantage
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of something that could save his enterprise and did something we admire in america, he came back. >> reporter: trump's campaign said he is paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the years. trump was in pennsylvania blasting clinton's ties to big business. >> hillary clinton's only loyalty is to her financial contributors and herself. i don't think she is even loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. >> reporter: trump's week has been dominated by his criticism of a former miss universe's weight. another setback corgt to the man that co-authored his book. >> he is like an untrained rottweiler and every time he is off leash he bites someone and puts somebody in jeopardy. >> reporter: trump is back on message as polls show him behind clinton. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. the political spotlight shifting to tuesday, when the focus of both campaigns will be on the vice presidential nominees, mike pence and tim kaine. they will be battling it out in their first and only debate.
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developing story in southern california. right now a heavy police presence at this hour in los angeles. protesters rally against yesterday's deadly police shooting. we have a video there, just in to the newsroom. also a vigil was held tonight for cornell snel jr. the man shot and killed by police. lapd says the shooting happened 1:00 yesterday afternoon after officers chased snell on suspicion of car theft. they say a handgun was found at the scene. it is unclear if it belonged to the 18-year-old. it comes days after a police shot a man in san diego county triggering a protest there as well. a essay entitled the terrorist in my husband's brain was published in the medical journal neurology. she describes him drowning in symptoms of louie bode men shah and feeling like she was drowning with him.
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it is often misdiagnosed and it can come with memory loss and paranoia. robin will and always will be the larger than life spirit who was inside the body of a normal man with a human brain. he just happened to be in that one in six who is affected by brain disease. kanye west walked out of a packed concert in queens tonight. ♪ >> i'm sorry. family emergency happened. i have to stop the show. >> what he said right there. family emergency, i have to stop the show. it turns out his wife, kim kardashian was held up by armed men in her paris hotel room this evening. a spokesperson says the men wore masks but were dressed as police officers. kardashian was reportedly not injured. west performed most of his biggest hits before he exited from the concert hall but many in the crowd left unhappy not
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knowing what was going on shouting the move to leave early was so kanye. the team is headed though the playoffs. a look at at&t park. so quiet now. so different earlier. here's nbc bay area rick boone. >> that was fabulous. >> at&t park explodes with energy. >> unbelievable to beat l.a. like that. no other words. >> the team in the playoffs again after a 7-1 win over the dodgers. >> everything was on the line. it is like if you want to go and play in the playoffs, chase the world series you have to win. >> reporter: the win comes after a rough second half for the giants that forced the team in to a must-win situation on the final day of the season. >> take care of business. we had to lead an they did that. >> reporter: the giants stayed
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strong the entire game, never giving the dodgers a chance to fight back. a win that moves the giants in to a familiar place as they try to win the fourth world series this decade. >> best day of your life? >> good. >> it's awesome. it's great. >> at at&t park, rick boone, nbc bay area news. our coverage continues later in this show. coming up in 15 minutes, vin scully's final call. we will take you in the press box to see how the giants honored him during his final game. fleet week around the corner. it is expected to attract a million visitors to san francisco. we are told the blue angels are already here. they are getting prepped for next weekend's shows. fleet week runs friday through saturday. the air shows start each day at noon. the blue angels, however, if you are looking for them, they take to the skies at 3:00 in the afternoon. even if you forget that, they will remind you. >> they will remind you. they fly all over the bay area. they are coming over the
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hillsides of marin, east bay. they let you know they are here. >> is a sight to behold. i always like it. >> good weather next weekend. >> temperatures warming up each and every day as we head to the weekend. today will be the coolest of the next seven days. even tomorrow a little chill but as we hang on to summer-like air we will see that rebound as we head to wednesday, thursday and friday. right now clouds on the increase for the most part. we are still dry at 54 degrees in the north bay. 50s across the bay area. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, pay attention to that. we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow. mostly during the day it will be in san francisco and north bay. once we hit the evening hours, then it will slide do the peninsula and south bay and eventually to the trivalley, as well. the culprit, the storm door opened but the system moving in will produce light amounts of rainfall. not anything heavy. like today with quick burst of rainfall. tomorrow's rain will be held off
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a little bit until the afternoon and evening hours. here's the future cast. 9:30 in the morning, cloudy skies across the bay. we will see showers in the north bay around lunchtime. then as we head in to the evening hours, by 4:00, 5:00, we will see the showers shift in to san francisco. down the peninsula as well and by the evening rush hour we expect them to be over the trivalley and south bay, as well. notice how light this green is on the map. that's light rainfall, just like what we saw today. rainfall amounts will be similar with the heaviest amounts of in the north bay. where we could see a tenth of an inch. that will do it, though and maybe lesser amounts as we head to the south bay. you'll notice similar amounts to what we saw today. for your forecast tomorrow, a cool day. 68 degrees for san jose. 67 kuhncupertino. 65 palo alto n. san francisco
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tomorrow, gray skies throughout the day. dreary look to the skies and financial district 62. pleasantton 69. walnut creek same deal. north bay cloudy and looking at 60s for you. we had a winter weather advisory. that looks like it expired within the last few minutes. that was for the sierra. they expected three to six inches of snow. that is tapering down. that's why the winter weather advisory has come to an end. here's the warmer weather as we head to the middle of the upcoming week in to next weekend. if you are trying to squeeze in last days of sunbathing in the california sun, next weekend looks good. 80s across the inland valleys and even in san francisco as we approach next weekend. 70s. not bad though we will start off cool. a rebound to the temperatures later in the week. >> they will be able to see. >> clear skies. >> good. perfect. thank you, anthony. powerful hurricane barrelling through the caribbean
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islands. coming up, a look at the damage the storm is leaving behind. the data recorder recovered fror
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train that crashed in new jersey new information about the train crash in hoboken. the data recorder recovered from the commuter train that crashed in new jersey last week was not working at the time of the accident. yesterday, investigators tried to download the information from the train's recorder but ended up having to send it to the manufacturer. the manufacturer returned it saying it was blank. there's even more focus on trying to free the train's second black blocks buried under the wreckage. questions are swirling around the train's engineer. he said the train was only going ten miles an hour as it approached the station and he has no memory of the accident.
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tonight after slamming the coast of colombia, one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes in nearly a decade barrelling towards jamaica, haiti and cuba. matthew is a violent category four hurricane triggering deadly flooding, washing away homes, roads and bridges. lighting up aruba it has officials keeping people from the beach, not everyone is heeding the warnings. in jamaica, millions are bracing. >> how worried are you about this one? >> very worried. >> reporter: a run on supplies,
11:27 pm
lumber, groceries and gas. >> no point in worries because if it is going to come but you would be foolish if you didn't prepare for it. >> reporter: jamaica is not the only country that could feel the huge wrath. this this in port-au-prince, where it is expected to have a catastrophic impact. many areas are struggling to recover after the quake in 2010. matthew is expected to dump up to 40 inches of rain in some areas and that could trigger life-threatening rain and mudslides. further north, hurricane warnings in cuba. >> this is kerry sanders in cuba where they are preparing for a direct hit. those who live on the eastern end of the island, 500,000 people have been told to batten down the hatches and head to an evacuation center. the navy has a base here, gan g
11:28 pm
guantanamo bay where nonessential employees are being evacuated. back in jamaica, up to 20 inches of rain could fall. winds like these are set to pound a region hunkering down for impact. coming up, it could be dry right now but another round of rain on the way tomorrow. we will show you what's in store. plus, the end of an era for baseball. vin sculley now officially retired. his final call at at&t today. we will show you next. we're seeing rain.
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==peggy/2shot=it might not have but more could be headed our way for the first time in months we are seeing rain. >> some places it wasn't too much but more rain could be heading our way tomorrow. both the north and east bay saw rain earlier today. look at this. this is video from fremont. people get so excited when they see rain.
11:31 pm
they whip out their phones. >> it's the first week of october. >> like seeing a rare wild animal. you don't see it much anymore. people record it. they document this stuff. >> meteorologist anthony slaughter is joining us to talk about how much rain fell today and what's coming this way going forward. >> we got a tenth of an inch at the highest locations. nam pa got 3/10 of an inch. the higher amounts in the north bay. the next round of rainfall coming our way. keep the cameras ready. tomorrow around the evening hours we will see the next round of rain push in. we may get spotty drizzle in the morning hours but not expecting to see precipitation measurable amounts until 10:00 in the morning for the north bay. that's where you will see the showers first. by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, they will be across the north bay.
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look at the cloud cover. cloudy skies throughout the day tomorrow for the entire bay area. once we hit the evening rush hour it will be wet. after 3:00, damp roads are expected with the light glaze of rain. we will talk about another chance of warmer weather heading our way. >> sounds good. look at this. we are seeing the first snow of the season. this is just a beautiful vision here. this is a video on instagram. snowflakes were falling in lake tahoe. this area could see up to three inches of snow tonight. >> might not be sticking. >> but it is coming down. like a precursor that the season is about to begin. stay with us for updates on the rain and the snow. we will be updating you on the air and on-line and ux get a personalized forecast for your neighborhood. you can find it on our app.
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a tragic discovery in san mateo county. coast guard confirmed they found the body of a missing kay yakak. the man went missing yesterday. he was kayaking with two friends. but by the time they reached the boat he was nowhere to be found. warning for the victims of the fire that blazed through monterrey county. be careful of charity fraud. google is expected to launch a new version of on tuesday. they have better cameras, longer lasting battery and improved displays and include a fingerprint scanner on the back instead of a button on the front. global deliveries of tesla
11:34 pm
have doubled. workers push out more than 24,000 model s and x teslas in the most rekrenlts quarter. they are cranking them out. twice the same for last year in the same quarter. the mostle s has 16,000 deliveries scheduled. compared to 9,000 sport utility vehicles. the news is good for the company coming off a larger than expected loss in the second quarter. baseball fans calling it anened of an era. vin sculley called his last game after 67 years as the voice of the dodgers. both brooklyn and l.a. we see how the broadcast legend developed a fan base as large as any player on the field. >> say hello. >> thank you. hello. >> a final walk in to the broadcast booth for vin sculley, but his last day on the job wasn't in l.a. it was at at&t park.
11:35 pm
>> wonderful. absolutely wonderful. especially with my friends the giants. >> the man known for the famous quote it's time for dodger baseball is hanging it up after being the voice for the team since 1950 when the dodgers were the brooklyn dodgers in new york. look at this outfit. you have a vin shirt. you have vin signs in your hand. >> absolutely. >> not only dodger fans treat scully like a rock star. those wearing orange and black feel the same way. >> he has been a con stan sound of calm when it comes to baseball. you get a comfort feeling hearing him talk. >> reporter: during his final game, a rare tribute to scully who broadcast for the giants and dodgers telecast. >> superior catch. >> some call a broadcast institution now going silent after decades of watching the game he loves. >> thank you, vin. >> at at&t park, rick boone, nbc
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bay area news. >> nice tribute. so cool. >> coming up, controversial ballot measure facing san francisco voters. coming up in sports, it was wild sunday. the raiders go down to 0 the wire in baltimore. meanwhile the 49ers lose one of their leaders. plus, the giants control their own playoff destiny. how they swept the dodgers to get back in the postseason. highlights an reaction next in sports.
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welcome back. the second half was ugly for the giants but on the final day of
11:38 pm
the regular season they found their even year magic. dodgers, giants, san francisco honoring vin scully. final game of the 67-year career. bottom of first, no score. two off of buster posey and he doubled down the right field line. giants take the 2-0 lead. next, drive one to right and it goes off the bricks. would be a two-run triple. how about that? just like that it's 4-0 san francisco. ninth inning now. sergio romo in for the final out. he gets it. giants win 7-1 san francisco clinches the second wild card spot and they are popping champagne and the team is pumped about the postseason. >> we have strong-minded people.
11:39 pm
very mentally tough. a lot of guys have belief and know what it takes. we endured a stretch. >> you work for it. it's what you work for in the off season. six months grueling season. got to let loose and celebrate a little bit. >> again, that's our way. just seems like we need our backs to the wall. i think with how some guys are swinging and what we had to do, that could be a nice carryover going in to the mets game. >> so it will be the giants visiting the mets in the national league wild card playoff. csn bay area has you covered. preview the winner take all one game playoff on monday and tuesday at 6:30 and of course before and after the game on wednesday. all right. to football. the 49ers hosting the cowboys.
11:40 pm
scary moment in the third. navarro bowman goes down to the ground with a non-contact injury. he was carted off the field and did not return. the 49ers are calling it a left leg injury. he will get an mri tomorrow. later in the drive, elliot punches it in from one yard out. dallas up 21-17. final minutes, san francisco down seven. 4th and sixth but no, gabbert is short of the marker. 49ers lose 24-17. raiders and ravens the michael crabtree show. second quarter, oakland up four, carr with the five-yard strike to crabtree. 14-3 raiders. finds crabtree again. this time a 13-yard score. raiders 21-12, but with just over two minutes left, guess who, carr to crabtree again.
11:41 pm
his third touchdown of the game. carr threw four touchdowns on sunday. raiders improve to 3-1. they win 28-27. that's it for sports. more news after the break. voters are about to decide
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
whether to give the city a contve in san francisco, voters are about to decide whether to give the city a controversial new tool for dealing with the homeless crisis. >> nbc bay area's joe rosado jr.
11:44 pm
shows us what is behind proposition q. >> i have been here three years now. pretty much lost everything, my two-bedroom apartment, my job, my family and now i'm here. >> reporter: the here in mario diaz life are san francisco streets. >> 24/7 on the street. >> reporter: on a good night he can lay his head in the tent, pushing the grit fi outside world away for a while. there are an estimated 3500 people like diaz living homeless in san francisco. some 500 tent encampments have made them a visible reminder of the city's dark shame. >> over the last year and a half the tents that have emerged have become a symbol of the issue we face as a city. >> reporter: mark farrell said residents are fed up and he placed proposition q on the november ballot that will ban tents from city sidewalks and allow police to remove them. >> these tenant encampments are
11:45 pm
incredibly dangerous places to live. last year 15 rapes, 100 fires. >> reporter: the ballot measure will allow the city to clear out tent encampments with 24-hour notice as long as the city could line up a shelt her bed or housing for the displaced. >> no one is getting better sleeping in tents. nothing good is happening in tents. we need to get people off the streets in to shelter housing. >> reporter: with the issue boiling over, city leaders are expanding homeless services, including one-stop homeless navigation centers but homeless say there aren't enough available to make proposition q doable sglb there's no housing in the measure. it's basically about taking away people's tents so instead they are sleeping on the hard, cold concrete. >> reporter: on the street corner, rodney peddled clothing down from a row of tents where he sometimes stays. >> best place is in a tent. tents don't cost that much. they are not committing crimes out here.
11:46 pm
>> diaz calls the tent ban unfair to people already struggling just to survive, but he understands where it comes from. >> hard-working family man, wake up in the morning and sees needles on the floor and tents a half block all bunched up together. i would feel that way, too. >> reporter: as for his theirtive, he hopes someday it will be off the streets. >> hopefully one day get out of all of this. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> tough and ongoing problem. for sure. anthony slaughter here now talking about rain and warmer weather. whatever you like. we will have it all. >> cool, rainy skies tomorrow and then summertime weather as we head to next weekend. a little bit of something for everybody as we head to the next seven days. if you like the snow we had some of that as well. we had some across the sierra and more on the way. it is a sure sign the seasons have changed and rain season is here. in the 50s for the most part.
11:47 pm
tomorrow the thing to note while we wake up with cloudy skies, showers in the north bay and make their way in to san francisco around lunchtime. we will see them to the south bay in the trivalley. look at the temperatures tomorrow n the 60s across the bay area. here's the next system that will move in across the bay as we head to the overnight hours. that will bring in clouds and eventually see the showers, as i mentioned after lunchtime tomorrow. here's the future cast. you will notice what i'm talking about. cloudy skies for the entire bay waking up tomorrow. showers in the north bay. that will be the trend for the first half of the day. once we get to 2:00, 3:00, we will see the showers spread in to san francisco. over to the east bay and down to the pa nimpbs eninsula as well. light rain conditions but not widespread heavy rain. kind of like what we saw today, light stuff is expected. once we get to 3:00 in the
11:48 pm
afternoon, that's when we will see widespread rain at least light stuff. you can see we are talking similar conditions to what we saw today. a tenth of an inch or less is expected. very similar conditions but more cloud cover than what we actually saw for today. that's going to leave cool conditions. 68 for tomorrow. 66 morgan hill. 65 palo alto. the rain icon for the peninsula, i think we will see activity after lunchtime. south bay dry through most of the day. great sky for san francisco. marina district 55 tomorrow. financial district 62. in napa tomorrow, santa rosa, mill valley, off and on shower activity. more sunshine for the tri-valley. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. you will see what i'm talking about. return of 80s. as we head to the end of the week, first full week of october, back to summer. spiking to the 80s.
11:49 pm
even in san francisco a nice rebound. temperatures in the 70s as we head to friday, saturday and sunday. a little bit of something for everybody, even saw some snow today. a good sign that winter is coming. >> that's cool. fun to see. up in the mountains. >> all right, anthony. coming up, more parents dipping in to their kids' college fund accounts. >> and you maybe surprised why. the breakdown on this practice coming up next. with a break like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away,
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>> i mean this man is kpleerly unfit to be commander in chief. >> wrong. >> he's a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> i watched it three times. i still laugh. it is "saturday night live" skit that everyone is talking about today. alec baldwin back to portray trump. kate mckiln killing it as hillary. recreating the presidential debate. last night "saturday night live"
11:52 pm
had the most watched season premier in eight years. >> very good. >> very funny. some parents who are saving for their children's college education have developed a bad habit. they are dipping in to those college funds. nbc's chris clackum has details. >> reporter: a t. rowe price survey of 1,000 parents who socked away money in 529s for their child's education found half of them have raided those accounts. often for reasons that weren't educational. >> going on vacations, paying for a wedding, four out of five parents who admitted in to 529s also admitted to spending the money on something other than education. and when asked why, claim they thought it was either use it or lose it or didn't know any better. >> the survey, 21% of people said they don't think there is any penalty for tapping the funds early, which, sorry, but there is a penalty and you will
11:53 pm
owe taxes on any earnings in the account. >> reporter: cnbc's kelly grant said the penalties and taxes could be levied at the state and federal level. she says the best way to avoid irs scrutiny is to leave the 529 money alone, even if unused for college expenses down the road. >> some planners say you can hang on to it long range and think of it eventually transferring the money to your child's child. your grandchild to put them through school. >> she said it is always your money, as long as you always use it correctly. chris clackum, nbc news. >> you were saying -- >> we went to aruba. dogs on surfboards. what more could anyone ask for? it is sunday night. it's late. we thought we'd show you this. >> backwards. >> amazing. complete talent right there. we will show you what is behind
11:54 pm
the southern california spectacle. >> maybe it is in aradio i ba. we will have to check it out. he was known as the king.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
arnold pmerassed awalast week. ==terry/2shot== but his legacy wl of urse live on. coming up in just a few minutes. an in deh look athis ld he was known as the king. arnold palmer passed away last week. >> coming up a look at his life and gri and career. >> we take you to the visit with the king during summer of 2015 in his hometown of latrobe, pennsylvania. >> this stuff in this room you can find things that would take you back to almost the
11:57 pm
beginning. >> jack nicklaus and gary players share memories of their long-time friend. >> he was a people's man. >> arnold was a gentleman and friend. >> reporter: all of that next on in depth here on nbc bay area. >> all right. finally tonight, we have a different type of server. >> we are talking about dogs who took the place of people in this surf contest in southern california. we thought it is a perfect way to end the week. >> very nice job. >> i no the people think this is a hilarious idea. i'm not sure about the dogs. is the 11th annual surf dog-a-thon today. 80 animals hit the water, some backwards. >> my favorite shot. >> this is what i think of this. >> some dogs did not grasp the concept of surfing. >> you see a lot of love out there. you see people who have made these dogs not only pets but true family members and they do
11:58 pm
things together. so it is great to see. >> there we go. they are putting them on backwards. maybe they can't surf forward. we will have to investigate. it is for a great cause. the surf dog-a-thon raises money for an animal shelter that finds homes for 3,000 animals a year. it it's entertaining, fun, funny video and raises a lot of money. >> and gets the dogs out of the shelter. i'm all for that. >> right. >> have a great week ahead. >> take care. >> see ya.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
i have to ask youbo aut the arnold palmer drink. how do you order it at a restaurant. >> an arnold palmer. >> do you say, i would like an arnold palmer? >> yeah. >> that's great. ♪ >> arnold palmer, a true icon of sports history, and one of the most beloved golfers to ever play. on a special "in depth," we look back on the life of the late hall of famer, who died recently. from his humble beginnings --


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